Goliad County Fair

Please note that we have authority from the county judge to allow the livestock show portion to resume. We have tried everything as an executive board to rearrange our show to make it possible. See below for new schedule and please note that we need to observe time constraints between each show to make it run efficiently. Exhibitors and parents will only be allowed in the barn during their sift and show time. No spectators will be allowed.  Please note all livestock will need to be loaded out of the barn immediately following your show, either to the floor or previously arranged butcher trailer. If you have a weakened immune system or feel ill and are running a fever, please stay home. There has been a lot of misinformation on social media, so please refer the official Goliad County Fair Association Facebook page or the Goliad County AgriLife website. Please refer any division you might have to you chairman. Please see list below.





Wednesday, March 18th

(same as usual)

Commercial Interviews – 8:00am – 5:00pm

Ag Mechanics Project Check-In – 9:00am – 12:00

Ag Mechanics Judging – 1:00pm


Thursday, March 19th



9:00 am – Sift broilers, judge immediately after



10:00am – Sift turkeys, judge immediately after



After rabbits have been sifted you will be able to house your rabbits in pens that are available.

12:00pm – 2:30pm – sift, judge immediately after

Rabbits will be taken back home after show and meet back on Sunday for the butcher trailer as usual, 8:00 am.



Swine will be allowed to be housed in the barn after sift. Exhibitor or parent (only one or the other) will be allowed to care for animal until time of show. Please only spend the time you need to care for the animal and immediately exit the barn. 

8:00 am – 9:00 am – Sift

5:00 pm – Judging

Swine will load out immediately following the show.


Friday, March 20th

 Lambs and Goats

9:00 am – Lambs and Goats – Sift

Lambs will immediately be judged after sifting. Goats will follow. If you are a goat exhibitor only, please exit the building following the sift time. We recommend you show out of trailer, but if you need a pen to house before show, they are available.

Pee Wee Goat exhibitors will show immediately following market goat show.



Steers and Halter Heifers

Noon – Sift


1:00pm – Judge steers, halter heifers will be judged immediately following steers.

Fair Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday between the months of September and May, 7:30 pm, JWMHB, Goliad County Fairgounds, Goliad, TX


Commercial Heifer exhibitors WILL NOT bring their heifers to the show. Heifers will be judged at a later date and will still be classified as they were when record books were turned in. Interviews will still be done conducted at your assigned time at the county extension office.



The homemaking division has thought about the status of the 2020 show. While we know our exhibitors have worked hard on their projects, we must ensure the well-being of our community, safety of our judges and the future of our show.  We will hold our homemaking show at a later date to be determined in the near future.  Champions in each food category and the high point winners will still participate in the Champion Auction when it is held. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  The 2020 Goliad County Homemaking Show is not canceled, only delayed. We hope everyone understands. This decision will ensure we maintain the best show in the area. Stay tuned!


Division Chairman Phone Number
Ag Mechanics Jeremy Fortenberry 361-676-8861
Beef Lane Homeyer

Kristi Meyer



Broilers Dana Kutz 830-305-1900
Commercial Heifers Neil Heard

Josh Campbell

361-550- 3110


Homemaking Karie Wimberly

Sharon Swize



Lamb Melanie Schendel

Gary Jarzombek



Goat Tye Brock 307-462-3045
Pee Wee Goat Wendy Yanta 361-649-0635
Rabbits Heath Hoefling 361-491-9575
Swine Steven Webel

Wendi Yendrey



Turkey Kay Walker

Tonya Bohl



please note some rules will not apply under the revised schedule of the county show

2020 Goliad County Fair Rule Book


Version 7, Posted 2/07/2020

Change in Rabbit validation date.

Version 6, Posted 2/07/2020

Change in Pee Wee Goat show entry deadline and contact information.

Version 5, Posted 2/05/2020

Change in Steer Show time from 1:30 to 1:00 pm.

Commercial Heifer Record Book Outline COMHEIF_recordbook.template



Julie Wimberly Homemaking Building JWMHB Lease Packet

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