Goliad County Fair

Entry deadline for the Goliad County Fair is December 15th …..the registration deadline is for animals, homemaking and Ag Mech.  Poultry orders will also be included.


Fair Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday between the months of September and May, 7:30 pm, JWMHB, Goliad County Fairgounds, Goliad, TX


2019 Rule Book GCFAbooklet2019_v6

Version 6 of the rulebook corrects page one of the day posted.

Version 5 of the rulebook corrects the Ag Mechanics entry deadline page 48, 01/09/19

Version 4 of the rulebook removes class numbers in non auctioning homemaking categories, page 42 – 44 posted 10/10/18

Version 3 of the rulebook reflects changes in leadership, page 2 – posted 9/12/18

Version 2 of the rulebook indicates validation dates added, page 20 – posted 9/7/18


2019 Class Dates

Class I Spring Born

1-1-18 to 4-30-18 (11-15 months on show date)

Class II Fall Born

9-1-17 to 12-31-17 (15-18 months on show date)

Class III Fall Breds

10-1-16 to 8-31-17 (18-30 months on show date)

Class IV Pairs

04-1-16 to 8-31-17 (18-36 months on show date) Must be bred at validation in September.

Commercial Heifer Record Book Outline COMHEIF_recordbook.template

Commercial Heifer Validation Sheet COMHEIF_validation.template


Julie Wimberly Homemaking Building JWMHB Lease Packet

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