Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr vol XXI 1

Welcome to 2021.  We have a lot of information for you in this newest edition.

A rainfall report, how much did you catch?  Believe it or not I caught 9 inches more than the Goliad’s recording just 4 miles away.  Hope you were as fortunate.  I wish we had some better rainfall records, I would venture to guess this is one of the rare times that the western part of the county caught more than the eastern.

A lot of online meetings coming up, but we are offering an in person setting for them here in Goliad.  But bring your own coffee and taco on account of the Covid-19.

Let it rain!

1/28 CEU Invora Watch Party online and in person $40
3/19 GCFA Com Heifer Sale Fair Pavilion 4:00 pm
4/13 Coastal Bend Ag Symp online and in person $10



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