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Wild Hog Abatement Strategies


The Wexford or heart-shaped design is very popular and effective.  This trap is shaped as a heart with the two lobes forming the funnel of the trap (Fig. 1).  To build this trap tie six goat panels together with slick wire.  T-posts should then be placed and wired to the panels at 4-ft intervals on the exterior of the trap.







The funnel neck  (Fig. 2) should be approximately 24 inches wide at the start and narrow down toward the interior where the panels should lay against each other.

Funnel design traps may not be as effective with trap-shy hogs, so training the pigs to come in the trap is key.  This is accomplished with the Wexford barrel (Fig. 3).  The Wexford barrel is filled with corn and tethered to a t-post with a swivel.  It has two 7/8″ holes drilled on opposite sides and ends.  The hogs will roll the barrel and corn will come out.  It is recommended that you bait an area for two weeks before building the trap.

Wexford trap video with loadout

load out YouTube video

Loading live hogs into a trailer from a funnel trap can also be accomplished with the correct placement of the trap.   For example if you know generally where the hogs are coming from, orientate the funnel away from their “home.”  As you can see in the video, when panel 7 is removed and the hogs think they are being set free, but they are actually loading themselves in the trailer.

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